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Body Treatments
Body Wraps
Universal Contour Body Wrap
Course of 3

We guarantee you will loose at least 6" from your first treatment or you will be wrapped again for free. Providing you do not put on weight and you follow all the aftercare instructions, we guarantee you will sustain at least a 6" loss for a minimum of 30 days or receive another wrap for free!

A course of three treatments is recommended for best result, at 7-10 day intervals and has £15 off,  then one treatment a month is recommended to retain inch loss.

Course of 4

Recommended for the treatment of cellulite, weight loss and fluid retention. Lymphatic drainage massage is combined with the Karin Herzog Oxygen creams to increase circulation and detoxify. This treatment is an effective detox on its own or for stubborn cellulite or pool circulation a course of 4 is recommended at one per week.

CACI Body Treatments

CACI Quantum Mark II

The most high tech machines around, CACI has a following including Mel Gibson, Lt Princess Diana, Elizabeth Hurley, Olivia Newton John, Dale Winton, Barbara Windsor, Anthea Turner, Cliff Richard, Zoe Ball, Naomi & Valerie Campbell .... to name but a few!

CACI Quantum has the ability to combine Simultaneous face lifting & body sculpting. Using micro current facial techniques in conjunction with a combination of faradic and galvanic slimming & toning applications, the CACI Quantum works to restore and redefine facial muscles, reducing lines & wrinkles while simultaneously tightening & toning sagging body muscles.

Treatments Slimtone
Aids slimming, tones muscles & helps reduce cellulite. Every 20 minutes is equivalent to 320 sit-up's!

Lymph Drainage
Helps break down cellulite, fatty deposits, stimulate circulation & detoxify surrounding lymph.
Karin Herzog Body Treatments
Total Melt Down Body Softener
A totally pampering, holistic treatment to relax, calm, balance, heal & refresh the Body, Mind and Spirit. Fresh herbal dough balls are custom blended in the salon, using fresh herbs, spices & exotic oils. Soothing yet stimulating effect on the muscles of the body, at the same time, gently but effectively, exfoliates the skin all over, leaving it fresh, silky smooth & soft.

Balinese Massage
An authentic massage combing Indonesian & Thai massage techniques.

Spice Treatment - Balinese
Another divine body treatment, including a full body coconut scrub, boreh spices applied to the body to draw out impurities & Balinese massage.

The Bodical
Course of 4

For oily/problematic/troubled skin with breakouts. The treatment combines a manual lymphatic body drainage & pore draw facial.

Choc02 Body

The latest treatment to be launched by Karin Herzog oxygen skin care range is the divine ChocO2 body treatment.

The two hour body treatment includes, a Thai foot ritual before the body is washed with a warm chocolate and milk wash. Hot mitts infused with real chocolate essence glide over the body to ensure it is soft and clean and ready for the Auyvedic Massage combined with the Karin Herzog oxygen creams.




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